Death to Cautionary Tales

So, what’s stopping you? What’s the story that you’re telling yourself on a regular that has you believing that whatever it is doesn’t need to be done, is not worth it, is too big? Have you talked yourself out of it by saying that it’s not the right time? Maybe you’re thinking, when _____ gets out of the way. Have you even doubted whether or not it’s for you to do in the first place?  Think about the story that you’re retelling to avoid doing what you once felt was absolutely for you to be or do. Are you comparing yourself to someone else that you think is more competent than you are? Remember when you compare yourself to others you’re either going to have a terribly inflated or inadequate view of yourself. How about you steer clear of comparison because it will not result in anything true or empowering? Shoot for a better you. A truer you. A bolder you. A faithful and generous you! I’m not reading your mind, I’m sharing my own dreadful musings. I’ve been (and depending on the mindle…

Let the Sunlight Energize You

Stay close to people who feel like sunlight
I guess, like most people, I am energized by progress, change, and my favorite word - synergy!  Engaging people in strategies for creation makes me feel like I can literally climb a mountain, jump up and touch the clouds. It’s as if they energize me. They’re that sunlight, that passion, that fire that fuels me to be more and more of myself. They help me to discover something new, or they awaken something dormant within me. It’s beyond amazing, and hey! Guess what? I bet being around me does that for them. How about that? It’s just a bunch of synergy-starbursts going off all over the place!

We need each other. That sunlight, that passion, that flame. The drive, the push, we can only get that from one another. We need each other to see what’s possible. Let’s not look at another to determine the truth about our inadequacies. Let’s look at one another to be reminded of stifled dreams. Let’s look at one another to be inspired by our possibilities…

I am at Peace ...

I feel at Peace ...
When I declare it to be so
When I re-member the truth
When I surrender to the thing that I am clenching and open myself up to abundance
When I offer no sorries for the powerful woman I am
When I plunge into God's word and backstroke in the stillness of faith
When I feast on the favor of my past
When I turn inward to the boundless space where I am one with God
When there is harmony in our heart songs
When I disappear into non-sense and stop thinking
When I am satisfied with prosperity
When I command my ego
When I smother guilt with my freedom cape
When I live in boldness, humility, audacity & favor ...

So Glad I Waited

My best friend gets on me constantly about procrastinating-it's a pet peeve of hers and an absolute turn-off.

We both spend time deliberating and contemplating ideas be fore making decisions and acting on them, its just that she acts on things in half the time I do. Where we differ is the time between the decision and the action.

I wait sometimes and other times I procrastinate. When I wait because I'm led to be patient, trust God, process and be processed, I am guaranteed favorable results. When I procrastinate, the favorable results are very often delayed by me having to catch up or fix something . When I procrastinate, I'm in a place of fear (which causes the stagnation) and am lacking in self-worth (because I deny myself the success of action). While I am waiting I am in action on the preparation for the manifestation of what I want. It is a posture of expectation AND action.

There are so many times that I waited instead of taking immediate action and I was blessed b…

What If Compassion was Contagious?

When I am compassionate with myself I am more likely to love others without conditions. It frees me to see them through a human lens and not a lens of expectations, should's, and ought to's. It recognizes that I am not perfect and neither are the people that I am in relationship with. There is a liberty in these relationships that allows us to take risks, make mistakes, learn and grow together.

What of your compassion was contagious? What if what you offered yourself could spill over to others. What would your relationships be like? Would you be free to express yourself honestly? And if you were honestly self expressed, what else would be possible?

Give it a try...start giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, start forgiving yourself for the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak about yourself, start loving you today and see how that spills over to everyone you come in contact with.
I feel a brighter day and lighter me already.

Peace and ... Bliss

Have You Done it Yet?


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