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My birthday gift to myself this year was to get to the bottom of who I wanted to be when I grew up. I’ve read books, attended seminars, prayed, meditated – you name it. All of this was in pursuit of finding out what I am here to do? The fact is, there was nothing wrong with my meditations, my prayers were heard, the seminars and books were well worth their money – it was all about timing and preparation. My angst, yearnings, questions, stretching, musings, had been dilated at the time that this Fastgirls 90-Day Challenge emerged. It was the right time.

The fact is, I was attempting to do this without community. Community challenges you, affirms you, engages you, holds you accountable, convicts you, nurtures you, cheers you on, propels you. Such is the nature of a transformative community; its members must simply commit to the process and be for others what they want for themselves. Fastgirls proved to be just that. Our community has propelled me to do the self-discovery because I was a…