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A Fierce Angel Is Me!

I am soft, humble, human
I am powerful, sharp, quick-witted
I am seductive, sexy, kind, considerate
I am a fighter, lover, mother, teacher
I tear down walls with my works and words
I give birth to children, revolution
I am Co-Creator; producing life, making life, livin' life, givin' life - "and I'll take it away"
I am soft seductive hips and plump lips
I am sharp tongue, rolling eyes and cocking neck
I am in love with black but wanting what lillies have
I am entitled to love but asking for it's substitute
I am a freedom fighter but heart is tied up within the struggle
I am free to soar and yet I prefer to climb

I am ... without form ... This was written after I read this compelling book about the Strong Black Woman Thank you sister Sheri Parks

Got Peer Pressure???

Peer pressure is good! Yes, it is!

This is a principle that my bestie and I swear by. We believe that if you surround yourself with dynamic people you will be compelled to be better. There's something about being in the company of people that are passionate and progressive that forces you to stand taller, think deeper, see further and ... dream bigger.

Surrounding yourself with dynamic people helps you to see what is possible. Seeing someone else work toward their PhD. can be an encouragement to you to go back to school and complete your degree. Hearing someone talk passionately about a conference they are organizing can remind you of a service project that you always wanted to do. Being in the company of movers and shakers helps you to feel better about yourself. You begin to see THE possibilities and YOUR possibility. When you're in their company, you feel great and you go in your trenches to work on making your possibilities realities. You work on manifesting your dream becau…

Can ANYTHING Good Come Out of Being vulnerable???

When you hear that word, what happens?
What image, word, thought, comes to mind?

Can you think of a situation in your life where you've been vulnerable and the result was positive? Why? What made you feel like you could be vulnerable?

What would your life be like if you were more vulnerable?

How would it affect your family? friends? children? mother? father? mate? husband?

Could you, would you be vulnerable enough to leave a comment?

Picture This ... A Legacy of Self-Care

The change that I see HAS to begin with me and ... YOU but there are challenges ...

The challenges to the change that I want to see are not rooted in any institution within the U.S. They are not challenges that we have to go to the government to march or petition about. They are challenges that lie within the mind of every black woman in America that may have uttered or thought the following:

“I’m a strong black woman, this is what I do. If I don’t do it, I’m considered weak and I am definitely NOT weak. Strength is in my blood.”

“I’m not crazy! I don’t need counseling!”

“Depressed? Black women don’t get depressed, that's for white people.”

“I got Jesus, and He’s all I need – not therapy.”


Convincing black women that there is strength in vulnerability is not an easy feat. Showing them that accepting help and support from someone is an excellent way to experience love would take a change of heart, mind and spirit. The change tha…

This Story is Not My Own

I have been surrounded by powerful, strong, dynamic black women for most of my life. I have painstakingly watched my family members, extended family, mentors, and spiritual leaders in hopes of gleaning from them lessons on living. There was something about them that made them unbreakable. I was determined to be like them. I was determined to make sure that I was a help to my family and not a hindrance; that I stood up for what was right; that no one would ever see me as weak, no matter what the cost.
I was, like most girls and young adults, determined to continue the legacy of strength that I inherited and observed. Years later I realized that the idea of maintaining an image of strength was destroying who I was and kept me from really experiencing love. This led me to have an emotional breakdown that nearly destroyed my life. I was so consumed with not allowing myself to feel the hurt, abandonment, grief, and disappointment that it manifested itself in the form of physical disease.
I …

Self-Determination - A REBELLION

There is so much out there (outside of my door, on my nightstand, in my living room, at my desk, in my head) that is contrary to who I am. These words and images sneak, march, stomp their way into my mind and convince me that we are the same. WE ARE NOT. I am not flat, stagnant and I do not fit into a box. I am round and square; soft and angular, ever-changing, dynamic. I cannot be contained, even within my own fears and limitations.
The truth of who i am cannot be crushed or hidden.
So I speak to her (my truth) and acknowledge her.

She is my Affirmation - My definition of Myself

Here I AM Positive

I am Positive
Yesterday I was, today I am, tomorrow I will be
My words are positive
My works are positive
My intentions are love, hope, progress, peace
My intentions are positive
Positivity has possessed my mind
Positivity has control over my body
Positivity radiates through my live center to everyone that sees me, hears me, feels me touches me
My spirit is positive
My soul is positive


A Woman's Voice ... Necessary

A Woman's voice soothes
A Woman's voice nurtures
A Woman's voice convicts
A Woman's voice excites
A Woman's voice cuts
A Woman's voice heals
A Woman's voice hurts
A Woman's voice changes
A Woman's voice screams
A Woman's voice whispers
A Woman's voice seduces


Love and Acceptance
A Voice and an Ear
A stir to Action and quiet assistance in being Still
Camaraderie and Collective Work
Acknowledgement and Correction
Engagement and Rebirth


My Strength

My strength is internal; it does not depend on what I do for others but how I care for myself
My strength is finding freedom in boundaries; being able to say yes when I can and no when I won’t
My strength is not in the amount of burdens that I juggle
Nor the fact that many count on me to alleviate their woes

Love is my strength

Loving me preserves me and renews my peace
Receiving love propels me to experience more
Giving love frees me to love unconditionally

Love … really is … my strength


A new day is on its way! A new day of promise, love, liberty, and peace it’s so close I can see it! A new day where old things are done in new ways is within our grasp! That new day is now because it starts with me! I am the change I want to see. I am a woman whose past has propelled her to a bright future. I am not bound by past situations and circumstances for I use them as lessons to be learned and taught to others. I am a woman in love wit…