A Fierce Angel Is Me!

I am soft, humble, human

I am powerful, sharp, quick-witted

I am seductive, sexy, kind, considerate

I am a fighter, lover, mother, teacher

I tear down walls with my works and words

I give birth to children, revolution

I am Co-Creator; producing life, making life, livin' life, givin' life - "and I'll take it away"

I am soft seductive hips and plump lips

I am sharp tongue, rolling eyes and cocking neck

I am in love with black but wanting what lillies have

I am entitled to love but asking for it's substitute

I am a freedom fighter but heart is tied up within the struggle

I am free to soar and yet I prefer to climb

I am ... without form ...
This was written after I read this compelling book about the Strong Black Woman
Thank you sister Sheri Parks


  1. a slice of your life. delish!
    i'll be back for seconds...so keep dishin'

  2. Thank you sis! I appreciate you!!!


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