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Restorer of Peace

Who is the Restorer of Peace?

I have worked in field Women's Holistic Wellness for over 15 years and I specialize in coaching women to spiritual and emotional wholeness. I conduct Wellness Workshops, Transformative One-on-One Coaching, Sister Circles, Sister Sweats, Fitness Activities and an upcoming training on "Dismantling the Myth of the Strong Black Woman". I am committed to equipping women with the truth of who they are and empowering them to act on that knowledge.

27 October 2010

Got Peer Pressure???

Peer pressure is good! Yes, it is!

This is a principle that my bestie and I swear by. We believe that if you surround yourself with dynamic people you will be compelled to be better. There's something about being in the company of people that are passionate and progressive that forces you to stand taller, think deeper, see further and ... dream bigger.

Surrounding yourself with dynamic people helps you to see what is possible. Seeing someone else work toward their PhD. can be an encouragement to you to go back to school and complete your degree. Hearing someone talk passionately about a conference they are organizing can remind you of a service project that you always wanted to do. Being in the company of movers and shakers helps you to feel better about yourself. You begin to see THE possibilities and YOUR possibility. When you're in their company, you feel great and you go in your trenches to work on making your possibilities realities. You work on manifesting your dream because you're empowered and ... because you want to stay in relationship with the group or person. This is where the pressure comes from. You want, more than ever, to be a better you and remain in relationship with the person/people that are like-minded. You're almost pressured to stay in their company and if the ticket is to be about something, then you make sure that you always have yours.

I have been in the company of several individuals and groups that have brought out the best in me just by the power of association and ... pressure :). True growth takes place within the context of community. It is within these relationships that I feel empowered, encouraged and compelled, even, to be better, do better, think better, love better, live better.

My relationships with my best friends give me just enough pressure to push me to be dynamic because I want to add value to my life and theirs. My relationship with the Fastgirls, a powerful clan of women, is all about the power of positive peer pressure because the nature of our work is forward moving. We encourage each other toward lasting transformation as individuals and recognize the power that our community has in facilitating that progress.

I am convinced that positivity is urbane, savvy and powerful enough to penetrate our relationships , infect us and glue us together. Within this glue is growth, commitment, forward thinking, progressive action, affirmation, conviction, accountability, truth, courage, risk-taking, liberty, perseverance, understanding, tenacity ...

What relationships are you in that pressure you to be better?

If you aren't in a positive peer pressure relationship, what can you do to find someone?

Perhaps you can be that someone to someone else?

What ways can you foster this relationship with your bestie, co-worker, staff, partner, organization, church, mosque, temple???


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