My Strength

My strength is internal; it does not depend on what I do for others but how I care for myself
My strength is finding freedom in boundaries; being able to say yes when I can and no when I won’t
My strength is not in the amount of burdens that I juggle
Nor the fact that many count on me to alleviate their woes

Love is my strength

Loving me preserves me and renews my peace
Receiving love propels me to experience more
Giving love frees me to love unconditionally

Love … really is … my strength


A new day is on its way! A new day of promise, love, liberty, and peace it’s so close I can see it! A new day where old things are done in new ways is within our grasp! That new day is now because it starts with me! I am the change I want to see. I am a woman whose past has propelled her to a bright future. I am not bound by past situations and circumstances for I use them as lessons to be learned and taught to others. I am a woman in love with myself, compelled to share it and eager to receive it. I now know that my success is determined by my willingness to love and be loved. I now know that receiving help is an act of love. Today, I am convinced that I am loveable.

What I want for myself, I want for my community and the world - healing. I want for women to be healed of physical disease caused by emotion and spiritual imbalance. I want women to be relieved of the idea that they must take on the cares and weight of the world at their own expense. There is a mindset and practice that exists within the black community (black women included) and throughout America that has caused black women to take on the cares of anyone they are in relationship with. While it is part of a woman’s nature to assist, fix, nurture, protect, and heal, black women in America have a legacy of doing it for others without first doing it for themselves. This legacy is the myth that black women are stronger than any other woman and therefore able to care for more others more than anyone else. Maintaining the title “strong black women” has cost the black women their physical and emotional health.

I want to be part of the solution. I work with women, at a grassroots level, on dismantling this myth by showing them that what they think of as strength is crippling and what they think of as weak is empowering. I show them that a life without boundaries is not strength but being vulnerable and asking for help and support is. The change that I want to see would need to reach far and wide; to places I may never visit. It would be a revolution of words that sweep across nations to stir women to act by thinking differently, acting differently, raising their daughters differently …
My words would spark change and heal …

These words that I assert are power-packed.
They can transform your mind; they can hurt or heal.
These words heal.
These words inform you.
They impress upon you the truth of who you are.
These words soothe you as you look deep inside of yourself and find the hurt that you’ve suppressed.
These words empower you to work, dig, work-out your hurt and come out golden.
These words will challenge you to relationships with boundaries - they liberate you.
These words infuse you with love, hope, power, peace, freedom, joy and you spread these words EVERYWHERE!!!
These words are eternal … they live on and on and on … their message is old but their work will be brand new … in you and you and you and you …


  1. "Today, I am convinced that I am loveable."

    That is powerful Restorer of Peace. This is the money ticket right here! I believe that once someone understands that he/she is loveable, the whole world opens up for them and everything around them exudes love. You can't get away from love. And all you have to do is conceive it. I am glad you have conceived it because now you can create and experience it - at any moment! Thank you!


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