Restorer of Peace

Restorer of Peace

Who is the Restorer of Peace?

I have worked in field Women's Holistic Wellness for over 15 years and I specialize in coaching women to spiritual and emotional wholeness. I conduct Wellness Workshops, Transformative One-on-One Coaching, Sister Circles, Sister Sweats, Fitness Activities and an upcoming training on "Dismantling the Myth of the Strong Black Woman". I am committed to equipping women with the truth of who they are and empowering them to act on that knowledge.

12 October 2010

A Woman's Voice ... Necessary

A Woman's voice soothes
A Woman's voice nurtures
A Woman's voice convicts
A Woman's voice excites
A Woman's voice cuts
A Woman's voice heals
A Woman's voice hurts
A Woman's voice changes
A Woman's voice screams
A Woman's voice whispers
A Woman's voice seduces


Love and Acceptance
A Voice and an Ear
A stir to Action and quiet assistance in being Still
Camaraderie and Collective Work
Acknowledgement and Correction
Engagement and Rebirth

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