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Now You're Cookin'

I woke up this morning without an alarm clock, that was refreshing! I know that some of you woke up early this morning because you had to get started cooking. You probably have a long list of the various meats, veggies, starches, desserts, etc. that you are preparing today. I don't. I'm part the other group of people that often bring the drinks, paper items, or ICE. Whenever I travel to potluck events, people very seldom ask me to bring a dish.

Hmm, I wonder why. Well, I had the opportunity to really think about this as I relaxed on the recliner in the living room while my mom began prepping for Thanksgiving Dinner. It's not that I can't cook although I must admit that I don't like doing it everyday. Whenever I commit to cook something (most times with a very detailed recipe from memory or from a cookbook) it turns out to be pretty tasty. So why is it that I'm always assigned the ice or drinks or paper items? What is it that folks see about me that ma…

Excellence Striver here ...

Do you organize the dollar bills in your wallet so that they are in descending order and facing the same way?
If someone gives you a stack of papers, do you beat them on a hard surface until all of the papers are lined up to a straight edge?
Do you have a hard time reading or writing text messages because there are too many abbreviations, typos and grammatical errors? Do you spell out EVERY word because you can’t stand seeing those squiggly lines?

Do you think that any of these things make you a perfectionist? Well, they don’t. A perfectionist is someone that needs to do everything perfectly. Perfectionists set standards for themselves and other people that are unattainable. Seriously, no one is perfect.

Being a perfectionist means that you are never satisfied. Before you cringe because I said that “satisfied”, let me qualify that - it means that you don’t take the time to acknowledge what you have done. It means that you are living in the past or the future and do not recognize the power…

Five Steps to Blissful Intimacy (with your mate)

Relationships are work. In order for us to be successful in our relationships, we have to be intentional about keeping them alive. When you think about the people in your life that have successful relationships, examine their methodology. How do they do it? What do they do? Why do they do it? If you ask them, they may or may not be able to pinpoint one thing; it might just be a feeling. It could be intimacy. Intimacy is a closeness, familiarity, a state of being lovingly close to someone. You share an intimate bond with someone when you can finish one another’s sentences or sense when your mate is apprehensive or angry without them saying a word. Intimacy is what enables you to pick up on unspoken cues, it sustains you when you are away from one another for a period of time, and it fuels you and makes you eager to see one another again and again. It cannot be forced, it requires trust and vulnerability, it happens when you least expect it. I’ve listed five steps that you can take with…

Guilt is Useless!!!

In September of this year, I did a 40 day challenge Future Forward with the Fastgirls on sustainability. The intention of the challenge was to challenge us to eliminate the concept of waste and acknowledge our interconnectedness with the planet. Success meant that we had made a conscious effort to transform our relationship to water, land and our carbon footprint. One of the requirements was for us to watch “The Story of Stuff” a 21-minute video that showed just how much “stuff” we produce and the abuse that the earth suffers because of the accumulation of stuff. As I watched the video I began to feel more and more guilty about how careless and wasteful I’ve been. I was guilty of buying new things without thinking of how to I would discard the old things that they would replace. I was guilty of wasting paper and not recycling it. I was guilty of not caring about where my garbage goes once the Department of Sanitation tosses it into their truck and drives away. I was guilty of…

Five Steps for Friday Night Bliss

Whenever someone asks me my favorite day of the week I say, Friday. That is the day that I look forward to shedding the weight of the past week , opening myself up to the possibility of being refreshed over the weekend and preparing for another powerful week. This is something that I recommend to close your week and open up to the possibilities of a new one.

1. Set the intention (
before you cross the threshold of your home) that you will shed all layers that will hinder you from experiencing bliss (extreme happiness)

2. Steep a comforting tea (I love Tazo's African Red Rooibos) or pour a glass of wine (White Zinfandel is cool)

3. Speak or journal 5 things over the past week, that you are grateful for

4. Take a relaxing bath with a sprinkling of dried herbs (lavender and chamomile are my faves) or Carol’s Daughter Almond Cookie Body and Bath Oil (another fave ... your skin will thank you)

5. Wrap yourself in your arms and give yourself a squeeze


I am HYPER!!!


It means that I am MORE than a conqueror!!!
It means that not only will I have the victory but that it will be a smashing victory!!!
My relationship with Jesus establishes and confirms my victory!!!
I always WIN!!!
You always WIN!!!
NO one, Not even ME,
Can interfere with my Destiny!!!

Are you HYPER???

Are you operating out of a victorious mindset? What limitations have you put on yourself and your circumstance? Is that the truth about who you are? How different would your life be if you believed that you will always come out on top? What opportunities would you seize? How different would your relationships be if you knew that no matter what, everyone wins? Would you love harder, deeper, unconditionally?

Are you HYPER???

[Today's] Bucket List

Most people have a bucket list of things that they would like to accomplish before they die. I guess the premise is that if you do these things before you die, you've lived a full life, done all you could do and you're, well, ready to die (I guess). I'm not sure how I feel about that but there is something that I can take away from it. Living my life to the fullest EVERY day! Now that doesn't mean that I race against the clock everyday, that I am controlled by my TO DO LIST. It simply means that I choose to be present and great at the same time. That I live my life with urgency and expectancy. So on that note, here's my bucket list - for today, at least.

Today’s Bucket List
1. Live today to the fullest
2. Go all in

What would life be like if we made good on our bucket list daily?

Truth Crushed to the Earth Will Rise Again

The truth cannot be hidden. It's fluid; it always finds an escape. The truth about who we are and our power may be hidden for awhile because of circumstances or situations but that does not mean that it is not there. Who we are at the core of our being never changes.

Truth is constant - it cannot be manipulated or re-fashioned
Truth is peace - it enables you to sit in who you are and engage her, explore her, express her
Truth is balance - it agitates and soothes, irritates and comforts, stirs and stills
Truth is liberating - it frees you from bondage and pushes you off mountains to soar on lightened wings
Truth is dynamic - with each moment, the depth of the truth is peeled away and revealed to you

What are some truths that you've discovered about yourself?
Has anyone ever told you the truth and it changed you for the better?
Do you speak truth in love?
Do you practice telling yourself the truth?

And for this ... I AM THANKFUL

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One More Starfish

Have you ever read or heard of the biblical story where the shepherd searched relentlessly for one of his lost sheep while the other 99 were contained and back at the pasture? If you’re a cynic, you’re probably saying, “it’s just one sheep, he has 99! What’s the big deal?” After all, if you had 99 cents, would you really be upset if you lost a penny? You’re looking at what you do have and its exponentially more than what you don’t. So why bother?
How about the story The Star Thrower by Loren C. Eiseley? Have you heard that one? There’s this writer taking a stroll along the beach and he notices a young man reaching down, taking a starfish out of the sand and tossing it into the water. The writer asks the young man why he keeps tossing one starfish after another in the water and the young man tells him that the sun is up and the tide is out and if he doesn’t throw them in, they will die. The writer’s response was cynical: there are miles and miles of beach, throwing ONE starfish in the w…

I Saw [the movie]

This is my initial response to For Colored Girls, the movie that Tyler Perry wrote, produced and directed based on the choreopoem for colored girls who have considered suicide, when the rainbow is enufby Ntozake Shange. I know that I will have more to say when I see it again. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry, I promise not to give anything away.

I am thankful for sister Shange and the courage that it took to share this truth. Thank you, to brother Perry for choosing this story at this time. Kudos to all of the people involved in taking the words off of the paper and bringing it to life in motion picture. And a very low bow to Kerry Washington, Whoopie Goldberg, Phylicia Rashad, Kimberly Elise, Anika Noni Rose, Hill Harper, Michael Ealy, Macy Gray, Thandi Newton, Loretta Devine, Janet Jackson, Omar Hardwick, and all the other actors for such a riveting performance.

The movie was lyrical, complex, beautiful, courageous, colorful, intense. I saw myself, my friends, my sister, my m…