Restorer of Peace

Restorer of Peace

Who is the Restorer of Peace?

I have worked in field Women's Holistic Wellness for over 15 years and I specialize in coaching women to spiritual and emotional wholeness. I conduct Wellness Workshops, Transformative One-on-One Coaching, Sister Circles, Sister Sweats, Fitness Activities and an upcoming training on "Dismantling the Myth of the Strong Black Woman". I am committed to equipping women with the truth of who they are and empowering them to act on that knowledge.

24 November 2010

I am HYPER!!!


It means that I am MORE than a conqueror!!!
It means that not only will I have the victory but that it will be a smashing victory!!!
My relationship with Jesus establishes and confirms my victory!!!
I always WIN!!!
You always WIN!!!
NO one, Not even ME,
Can interfere with my Destiny!!!

Are you HYPER???

Are you operating out of a victorious mindset? What limitations have you put on yourself and your circumstance? Is that the truth about who you are? How different would your life be if you believed that you will always come out on top? What opportunities would you seize? How different would your relationships be if you knew that no matter what, everyone wins? Would you love harder, deeper, unconditionally?

Are you HYPER???

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