Got A Plan?

The secret to lasting transformation is to slowly exchange unhealthy habits and thoughts for healthy ones. Here are some tips to help you create your plan.


Eat a healthier breakfast

Eat a healthier lunch

Commit to more veggies at my meals

Eat smaller portions at most meals

Switch to healthier carbs (whole-grain bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes)

Eat more seafood

Switch to food and nuts for snacks

Reduce my intake of corn syrup and sugar

Drink more water

Drink less soda

Eat less junk food

Plan my dinners in advance

Shop from a shopping list

Eat less from fast food rest


Start each morning with stretching or an exercise routine

Do 5 minutes of strength exercises each day

Take a vigorous walk everyday

Sneak in more short walks throughout the day

Give yoga a try

Get more involved in an active hobby like gardening, rowing or biking


Work at getting angry less often

Find ways to laugh more

Develop a method for better managing stress

Be more forgiving of myself and others

Be more loving to friends and family

Lose a destructive habit

Get more sleep each night

Which ones can you start immediately?

What must you buy to get started?

How do you need to adjust your schedule?

How will you reward yourself?

Revisit this plan whenever you need to. You don’t have to be a perfectionist; you just have to operate in integrity. Did you give it your all? If you did, no matter what you accomplished was enough. If you did not, make the necessary adjustments and start again.


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