Happy Winter!!!

I love winter! It is, by far, my favorite season. It could be because I was born in winter and being born in winter gives me that affinity. It could be because I am a snuggler by nature and winter affords me several opportunities to nestle under covers alone or with someone special. (I must confess: I sleep with covers no matter how hot or warm it is. I love nestling!!!) It could also be because I have a wealth of memories that comfort and affirm me from winters and holidays in the past. Winter was and still is rich with comforting foods, family gatherings and home-made love all over the place. I love sharing close space with the people I love, warm coats, soft scarves and gloves, and boots that hug my feet like a glove. Maybe it’s because I love the contrast between the cold crisp air that surrounds my face when I walk outside that makes me feel so alive, urgent and vibrant and the warmth that awaits me when I step inside my home, office, or any shelter. The cold air reminds me of how blessed I am that I can anticipate warmth and that I have shelter and provision. It could be that I love the snow. Each flake is like a special gift just for me. My heart flutters at first sight of these brilliant unique gifts. As the snow accumulates, I look forward to trudging through it, wallowing in it, playing in it, building snowmen or snow-forts. I love the way the bare trees look with fresh snow resting on their branches and the look of NYC streets when we are forced to be still inside while we wait for a way to be made so we can return to the hustle and bustle that is what New Yorkers do best.

I know for sure that winter is my season to go deep within and discover Candice in a new way. It’s a chance for me to be quiet and intentional about who I am and living that out. I ask myself the hard questions about myself, my relationships, my work, my spirituality, my finances and I begin to make changes in my behavior based on my answers and my goals. Winter allows me to hibernate long enough to come out GOLDEN in the spring. I am shining, convinced, glowing in my new relationship with me.

What is your favorite season?


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