It Is Finished In Beauty

I am at the brink of the completion of the Fastgirls’ 90-Day BE THE EXPERT Challenge. What a challenge! I have been pulled up by my inner voice and the voices of so many women in this challenge. I have been stretched to lead and support. I have been encouraged by the breakthroughs of other women. I have cried tears of joy when I beat my own doubts. I have questioned my worth and I’ve gotten sustainable answers.

I am now full, I am complete. I committed myself to honoring my past and present work and I’ve admitted to the world that I’m good at it. Today I admit that I am pretty darn good at it! I am prepared to use inspiration, entertainment, education and guidance to help black women realize how the myth of the strong black woman shows up in their lives and give them the tools to begin to dismantle it.

I am basking in the field of blooming Fastgirls that have completed this challenge with me. Many of us are complete because we completed dashboard items, many of us are complete because we had breakthroughs that helped us SEE ourselves, many of us are complete because we kept on with the spirit of the challenge and honed in on our craft. There is an empowering definition of complete that has come out of this challenge; one that acknowledges when we do our best and give it our all – we are complete. When we are impeccable with our word; when we say X and do X – we are complete. When we recognize our priorities and shift our lives to meet them, we are complete. When we make conscious choices instead of living by default – we are complete.

To all of the Fastgirls that started this challenge on September 26th, acknowledge what you have done, acknowledge the choice that you made to get as far as you did, acknowledge the sacrifices that you made in time, sleep, relationships, etc. to be where you are now. Do not allow guilt to rob you of this opportunity to see your progress. Do not allow comparison to blind you from recognizing your unique expression of your gift. If you made it to Day 30, Day 60, Day 90 or somewhere in between, give yourself the credit for being in the challenge and the work that you accomplished. I am in awe of the knowledge, commitment, passion, and love that you have for your craft. You are powerful, smart, giving – you are beautiful.


  1. I am SO feeling you on this. My 30th post was a thank you post as well, GMTA. Thank YOU for your personal support of me. YOU are a great team leader. I look forward to meeting you. INjoy, dionne

  2. Thank you, Dionne! I am proud of you! You did it! Supporting you was my way of exercising my passion and honing in on my craft - THANK YOU for being open and receptive. You are appreciated!
    Looking forward to seeing you, face to face!
    Have a blissful day!


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