Nguzo Saba – the Remix*

Umoja – Unity

To strive for unity in my words, thoughts and deeds

To strive for unity in my relationship with people, animals and the Earth

Kujichagulia – Self-determination

To discover the truth about myself and my relationship to the world

To define myself and accept my complexity

Ujima – collective work and responsibility

To be of service to others

To establish, maintain and expand my community of help

To operate in integrity and accountability

Ujamaa – cooperative economics

To support small businesses

To develop a relationship with business owners and be willing to forge profitable relationships

Nia – purpose

To be clear about my passions and work to develop them

To be willing to share my purpose with anyone I meet

To remember that my purpose is larger than I am

Kuumba – creativity

To remember that I am co-creator

To strive to take risks

Imani – faith

To remind myself of my Source and live as though I know it

To possess the faith of my ancestors, my parents, teachers, and leaders

*Kwanzaa is a African American celebration of the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles). It was created by the historian, Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1968. Dr. Karenga has his own explanation of the Nguzo Saba which can be found at . “The Remix” is my offering of what the Nguzo Saba mean to me.

Do you celebrate Kwanzaa? What do the Nguzo Saba mean to you?


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