Restorer of Peace

Restorer of Peace

Who is the Restorer of Peace?

I have worked in field Women's Holistic Wellness for over 15 years and I specialize in coaching women to spiritual and emotional wholeness. I conduct Wellness Workshops, Transformative One-on-One Coaching, Sister Circles, Sister Sweats, Fitness Activities and an upcoming training on "Dismantling the Myth of the Strong Black Woman". I am committed to equipping women with the truth of who they are and empowering them to act on that knowledge.

24 December 2010

No Would've Should've Supposed To

From today until … I will do the things that bring me joy, peace, to a deeper understanding of who I am and how I fit into this constantly evolving, sustainably rich, unconditionally loving, planet Earth. There are no would haves, should haves, supposed to’s to paralyze me and lead me to paths of untruth. I know who I am, today and I am on a journey to discovering more about me. It is my intention to do what I set out to do however, if I miss a day, become distracted, read a book and skip a chapter, I will not beat myself up about it. I will simply begin again.

So …

Without guilt (it’s useless)or shame, with peace and urgency I share with you what I commit to:

Being impeccable with my word.

Reading at least 20 books from cover to cover

Writing daily

Being present in my relationships

Exercising 4-7 times a week

Indulging in self-care

Read at least 4 books WITH my son

Investing in continuing my education

Taking and passing the road test for my driver’s license

Being authentic

I am sharing this with you because I want to be accountable and I would like you, my community, to hold me accountable. I am sharing this because I believe that the moment that I articulate my intentions the Universe will cooperate with me to bring these things to pass. I have a request; check on me from time to time to see how well I am doing with my commitments.

What will you recommit to today? How can I support you?

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