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Whatever You Do, Consider Your Past

This is the time of year when we are setting goals for our future and based on those goals, our future looks very bright. Possibility is in the air and the air is clear and light. In the back of our minds we encourage ourselves by saying, "I'm going to let go of my past so I can embrace my future and just move on" or "The past is the past, I'm moving on with my future". I would venture to say that we should consider our past.

A consideration is an examination, attention or regard; it means to reflect.

In Ghana, West Africa there is a word that explains this perfectly - SANKOFA. Sankofa means to go back and fetch it. It is symbolized by a bird that has turned its head completely around with the intention of grasping an egg that rests on its back. Deep within this symbol lies a concept we can all live by:

Look back and be intentional about holding onto the things in your life that are fertile.

Reflect on your past and look at what of it you need in order …