C.H.E.C.K. Yourself ...

Do You Have A Spiritual Mantra???

A spiritual mantra is vibrational sounds from the Creator that multiply your will and desire when they are spoken from a place of truth and purity.

I use my spiritual mantra as a "check"; it brings me back to myself.

C-Connects you to the community. Grounds you. Centers you.

H-Heals and transforms your mind, body and spirit. Sound has the power produce healing throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

E-Engages Eternity when you speak ancient words and vibrations you transcend time and tap into ancient faiths and practices.

C-Clarifies and deepens your thoughts. Helps you to see clearly and act with clear intention.

K-Kindles and stirs your will and desire. This speaks to the power of your words and the power they have when they move from being thoughts to spoken words.

Some examples of Spiritual Mantras are:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
When I commit everything I do to God, my plans succeed.
Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.
I approve of myself.
I am love, I am loved; I am empowered, I am powerful; I am supported, I am able.
Ankh. Udja. Sneb. (Life. Strength. Health.)
I am all that I am.
I am a child of the Most High, I have everything I need.
I am breathing, I am connected, I am prepared (courtesy of Fastgirls)
It is finished in beauty. (courtesy of Fastgirls)

What are some words or vibrations that you use to ground you and bring you back to your center?


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  2. Thanks Candice! Spiritual mantras are VERY important. A few of my spiritual mantras are:

    Today is a beautiful day. Beautiful things are happening to me and through me.

    The light of the Divine surrounds me; The love of the Divine enfolds me; The power of the Divine protects me; The presence of the Divine watches over me; Wherever I am, the Divine is! (My remake of the Prayer for Protection)

    I am calm, centered, and balanced.


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