What If We Were Soulmates?

What if we were waiting on one another?
What if my change affected and catalyzed your change?
What if your step led to my step?

I believe that we have met each other where we are. We are both at the same level. When I rise, you rise. Like water meeting itself; we’ll find each other. Our connection, our soul-tie, is so powerful that one of us taking a step forward, advances the other.

So today, I make a step – one step closer to my destiny 
and with that step I forward me AND you. 

Today, I take one step closer to you and your dream. 

Today, I take a step because I cannot imagine
that my staying here can keep you stuck, too.

Today, I take a step because I have the audacity to believe that my success propels you
and me and you and me and you and me and
me and you and me and you and … we

Do you have soulmates? 
Are there people in your life that you are soul-tied to? Perhaps it is a family member, a friend, a lover, a clan … your relationship has a greater meaning than what lies at the surface. In fact, the power that lies in your relationship and connection to your soulmates is that when you become more of who you are; when you become courageous, powerful, loving, giving, joyous, energetic, supportive, engaging, forgiving … you showcase what’s available and give your soulmates the opportunity to try it on, too.

What is a step that you can take, today, to further yourself and your soulmates?

My step, today, was writing this. I know that I have soulmates out there that need to get the words and ideas that they have in their minds out and on paper or screen. I know that my step, this step, will advance them and their step will lead me to take a step and so on and so on … pretty soon, you’ll be reading the books or blogs or articles that this step helped to catalyze.

This is dedicated to my Soulmates:
Adebayo Adelekan, Dyon T. Rozier, Robin St. Clair, The Fastgirls,
The July Advanced Momentum Team, The ReBirth Yourself SISTA-hood


  1. Heartfelt. Beautiful. Humble thanks.

  2. You better write Candice! It's been too far in between your thoughts and your sharing. Be like water... Never resist the urge to write. We do need your words.


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